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Water fun

Mayrhofen Leisure Pool

After sport, after skiing or simply because you just like water; Mayrhofen's Indoor Pool is one of the meeting places for "water rats" of all ages. The Mayrhofen Leisure Pool is a family friendly place and always a visit worth.



Swarovski is an Austrian family business with its headquarters in Wattens in Tyrol. The Swarovski brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of cut glass crystal, optical equipment, crystal figurines and diamante jewellery. The "Kristallwelten" Museum was opened in Wattens in 1995 to mark the company’s centenary. Both the opening and a redesign in 2003 were organized by the Austrian artist André Heller.

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Zillertal Railway

Peaceful and with a touch of added adventure; without hectic or stress. Discover Zillertal the easy way - from a window seat!


Visitor Dairy Farm

One of Mayrhofen's special attractions: Tyrol's first visitor diary farm. The modern building of light wood and copious glass, which blends into the lush Zillertal meadow landscape, opened its doors the public for the first time in June 2000.
Generously proportioned, with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, it includes not only the production plant that has been specially adapted for visitors; but also a farm shop, milk bar and a restaurant with an extensive covered patio area.

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